Let's get these teen hearts beating faster, faster

'' just another skins disaster ''""""""""""""""'''''.

''Creativity is the greatest rebellion in Existance.''

Music .
I also love fashion, and I think the 60s-90s were an amazing era.
Johnny Depp.


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    It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the sound I heard when I was 9 and my father slammed the front door so hard behind him I swear to god it shook the whole house. For the next 3 years I watched my mother break her teeth on vodka bottles. I think she stopped breathing when he left. I think part of her died. I think he took her heart with him when he walked out. Her chest is empty, just a shattered mess or cracked ribs and depression pills.

    It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s all the blood in the sink. It’s the night that I spent 12 hours in the emergency room waiting to see if my sister was going to be okay, after the boy she loved, told her he didn’t love her anymore. It’s the crying, and the fluorescent lights, and white sneakers and pale faces and shaky breaths and blood. So much blood.

    It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the time that I had to stay up for two days straight with my best friend while she cried and shrieked and threw up on my bedroom floor because her boyfriend fucked his ex. I swear to god she still has tear streaks stained onto her cheeks. I think when you love someone, it never really goes away.

    It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s the six weeks we had a substitute in English because our teacher was getting divorced and couldn’t handle getting out of bed. When she came back she was smiling. But her hands shook so hard when she held her coffee, you could see that something was broken inside. And sometimes when things break, you can’t fix them. Nothing ever goes back to how it was. I got an A in English that year. I think her head was always spinning too hard to read any essays.

    It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s that I do.

    It’s not that I don’t love you.  (via extrasad)

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    "Where exactly do you put your hands on somebody who hurts everywhere?"
    Charles D’Ambrosio, The Dead Fish Museum: Stories (via rauchwolken)

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On Top Of The World And In The Depths Of Despair
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he offered her the world she said she had her own


☹ Society killed our happiness ☹

    "Fluff rice with a fork, never stir it with a spoon.
    Vaseline is the best night time eye cream on the market.
    You can buy alcohol and chips with your parents’ gas station credit cards.
    If you force something, you’ll break it. That could be good or bad.
    It’s important to read the care tags on your clothing and follow those instructions.
    Related: don’t wash and dry j. crew wool sweaters.
    Changing your car’s oil is not optional.
    Whatever physical objects you acquire you will one day have to put into a box and move.
    You’re allowed to disagree with negative feedback.
    It’s always worth reading the instruction manual.
    Nostalgia, like any drug, can be a poison or a remedy.
    Pets are like human friends but better in every conceivable way.
    Good doctors listen more than they talk.
    You can’t fix a burned roux.
    Just because someone is an authority figure does not mean they are intelligent/competent/right.
    Measure twice, cut once.
    Get your nice jeans and dress pants tailored by a professional.
    If you’re uncomfortable wearing it you will not look good.
    You’re not required to drink alcohol while in a bar.
    There are a few things that cure all ills: the beach, your favorite album on vinyl, and fresh garlic.
    Kindness is not weakness.
    Baking soda is not baking powder.
    Taking Excedrin P.M. while still in public is not advisable.
    Terrible people will succeed. Wonderful people will fail. The world is not fair.
    Appropriate footwear is always key.
    You can absolutely be too forgiving.
    Real humor punches up, not down.
    Reading the assigned chapters will actually help you learn the material.
    There are no adults. Everyone is as clueless as you are.
    Applying eyeliner well is a timeless art.
    You can always leave. Awkward dates, suffocating jobs, hometowns that you outgrow, relationships that aren’t growing in the right direction.
    You can always come home again.
    But it won’t be the same.
    Life is too short for bad books, boring movies, shitty people, and margarine.
    Never underestimate the importance of eyebrows."

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    • 1. How many bruises on you right now?
    • 2. You talked to an ex today, correct?
    • 3. Have you stayed in a hospital?
    • 4. Is trust a big issue for you?
    • 5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently?
    • 6. What are you excited for?
    • 7. What happened tonight?
    • 8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted?
    • 9. Is confidence cute?
    • 10. What is the last beverage you had?
    • 11. How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
    • 12. Do you own a pair of skinny jeans?
    • 13. What are you gonna do Saturday night?
    • 14. What are you going to spend money on next?
    • 15. Are you going out with the last person you kissed?
    • 16. Do you think you’ll change in the next 3 months?
    • 17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
    • 18. The last time you felt broken?
    • 19. Have you had a soft drink today?
    • 20. Are you starting to realize anything?
    • 21. Are you in a good mood?
    • 22. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?
    • 23. Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s?
    • 24. What do you want right this second?
    • 25. What would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy?
    • 26. Is your current hair color your natural hair color?
    • 27. Would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh?
    • 28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
    • 29. Do you really, truly miss someone right now?
    • 30. Does everyone deserve a second chance?
    • 31. Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to?
    • 32. Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do?
    • 33. Are you one of those people who never drinks water?
    • 34. Listening to?
    • 35. Do you ever write in pencil anymore?
    • 36. Do you know where the last person you kissed is?
    • 37. Do you believe in love at first sight?
    • 38. Who did you last call?
    • 39. Who was the last person you danced with?
    • 40. Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?
    • 41. When was the last time you ate a cupcake?
    • 42. Did you hug/kiss one of your parents today?
    • 43. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush?
    • 44. Do you tan?
    • 45. If you could, would you take back your last kiss?
    • 46. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?
    • 47. Who was the last person to call you?
    • 48. Do you sing in the shower?
    • 49. Do you dance in the car?
    • 50. Ever used a bow and arrow?
    • 51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
    • 52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?
    • 53. Is Christmas stressful?
    • 54. Ever eat a pierogi?
    • 55. Favorite type of fruit pie?
    • 56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
    • 57. Do you believe in ghosts?
    • 58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
    • 59. Take a vitamin daily?
    • 60. Wear slippers?
    • 61. Wear a bath robe?
    • 62. What do you wear to bed?
    • 63. First concert?
    • 64. Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
    • 65. Nike or Adidas?
    • 66. Cheetos Or Fritos?
    • 67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?
    • 68. Favorite Taylor Swift song?
    • 69. Ever take dance lessons?
    • 70. Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
    • 71. Can you curl your tongue?
    • 72. Ever won a spelling bee?
    • 73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
    • 74. What is your favorite book?
    • 75. Do you study better with or without music?
    • 76. Regularly burn incense?
    • 77. Ever been in love?
    • 78. Who would you like to see in concert?
    • 79. What was the last concert you saw?
    • 80. Hot tea or cold tea?
    • 81. Tea or coffee?
    • 82. Favorite type of cookie?
    • 83. Can you swim well?
    • 84. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
    • 85. Are you patient?
    • 86. DJ or band, at a wedding?
    • 87. Ever won a contest?
    • 88. Ever have plastic surgery?
    • 89. Which are better black or green olives?
    • 90. Opinions on marriage?
    • 91. Best room for a fireplace?
    • 92. Do you want to get married?

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